Canadian harp music with Ottawa's Acacia Lyra

The Canadian harp music scene is vibrant and varied, and Ottawa harp duo, Acacia Lyra, offers a unique style and approach to the Irish harp through their live music performance and three harp music CDs, Harmonic Curves (2007), Aqsarniit:Northern Lights (2010), and Silver Sun (2011). Listen to sample tracks from these Celtic harp CDs.

Janine Dudding and Susan Sweeney Hermon blend both contemporary and traditional Celtic harp music, performing, composing and singing music in several languages from many corners of the world. Read more about Ottawa harp musicians Janine and Susan.

2015: Upcoming appearances

The Next Stage, in partnership with the Spirit of Rasputins presents ACACIA LYRA, and the Main Street Market Duo

Friday, March 6, 8:00 pm
At the West End Well
969 Wellington Street West (at end of Somerset West)
Admission: pass the hat for performers

Celtic Cross Pub - Wednesday Nights

Drop in for a Guiness at the Celtic Cross Pub on a Wednesday evening - there's a good chance you'll find Acacia Lyra there playing spontaneously with other musicians.
343 Somerset Street at Bank St.

Ottawa harp duo Acacia Lyra

Harpers and Storytellers - Audio interview

Susan and Janine were interviewed in the lobby of the NAC Fourth Stage by Dean Verger, founder of Rasputins, as they attended another Fourth Stage storytelling show. Click to hear the interview.

Canadian harp music CD, Silver Sun

Canadian harp music CD from Acacia Lyra, Silver Sun cd cover
Our latest Canadian harp music CD, Silver Sun. Details.


Chi Mi Na Mor Bheanna, Acacia Lyra with Teresa Doyle
See video on YouTube

Canadian Harp Music sampler - listen to Acacia Lyra on YouTube, December 2010. Click here to see video on YouTube.

Video courtesy CTV Ottawa Regional Contact. Song list: Rķu Rķu Chķu, Huron Carol, A la Nanita Nana, and Auld Lang Syne.